As I set out on this journey, I thought it fitting that I start my weekly blog with a meditation about the power of a dream.  We all have big dreams.  Sometimes those dreams seem impossible. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about throwing in the towel on Run the Nation because it all becomes more than most can do by themselves; between working full-time, being a full-time mom, trying to train, and dealing with everything else in life that each of us has to accomplish each day, the whole project sometimes become overwhelming. Trust me: I am not complaining, nor will you ever get a complaint out of me! I am not afraid of hard work. We can strive to be average, good or great in this life. I strive and will work towards greatness at the things that are important to me.  I encourage you to reflect on the meditation below as a sort of mantra of encouragement and success.  We are in this together.  Nothing is impossible!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller



Start with courage.  Just courage.  Nothing more.  Courage and the grain of an idea.  A small glimmer of hope – a vision of a brighter future.  A tiny silver moon crescent of a dream.  That is how big things always start.  Small.  Then, they grow.

Courage is the water and sunlight to our planted dreams.  It is an essential ingredient because so often the odds seem stacked against us: the task seems too daunting, impossible even; people, even our closest friends and supporters, might not see the same vision we do.  They say to us, “You cannot do it.”  Our egos, self-doubts, and limiting expectations all tell us the same things: “Give up,” and “Don’t even try.”

We must protect our flowering dreams from these weathering forces.  Something wiser and more solid and real than all of that negativity planted the dream in our minds and hearts.  Something planted within us the desire to achieve and the power to dream.  It is almost as if the universe is compelling us towards a destiny that is far more beautiful than we can imagine.  Like peaceful warriors, we continue on our journey.  Trust the dream.

You and I are part of a larger force.  There is a deep wisdom within your intuitive drive.  The goals that propel you forward are nurtured by a universal wisdom that sees farther down the road than you can.  This is God.  Let Him guide you.  Even in your solitude, you are not alone.

Life has given you the experience and tools to know when this force is trying to tell you something.  You can sense it in those small, precious moments of utter clarity.  It takes on many forms.  It is the cool wind at your back, encouraging you farther on your run.  It is that moment of stillness, so sweet and pure, after a hard day of training that lets you know you are getting stronger.  It is the trees, birds, flowers, and rocks that herald your progress along the mountain trail.  There are signs all around.  Pay attention.

You are on a life-changing journey.  Nothing is holding you back.  It is your destiny to succeed.  Do not fear.  Do not doubt yourself.  You are here for a reason.  Rejoice in the journey!  This is your life.  You will never get yesterday back.  And the future is not set in stone.  Make the most of today.  Live your life.  Love your life.

Eagles we are not but we can soar as high and as long as our aspirations allow us to do so.

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The goal of this race is not for any personal gain.


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